In addition to your fixed tracking device, there are a wide range of add-on products that can enhance your solution and further contribute to your ROI.

Customers often require unique solutions that cannot be met by our standard firmware. The regular requirement for event customisation and expanding of event rules has resulted in the development of a script language which can be loaded onto the existing platform. As a result, new events and conditions can be detected in addition to the standard hard-coded events (e.g. over speed).

 The inputs consist of system wide entities and include events, digital lines, analogue lines and serial channels. The outputs are just as diverse and include digital outputs, buzzer and SMS messages.


Driver Behaviour

A safer, more responsible and cost-effective fleet.


Driver ID

Individual driver identification allows you to better monitor driver performance and productivity.


Panic Button

For added peace of mind.


Power Take Off

Additional digital inputs to enable event tracking.


In-Cab Screens

In-Cab Communication, Navigation and Task Scheduling.


Engine Management

Streamline maintenance processes with environmental responsibility.


Multi-Communications Channels

Seamless and cost-effective transfer of data.


IAP (Intelligent Access Program)

Increase road access and mass allowances with IAP.

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Routing & Scheduling

Reduce planning time and improve time management.

Electronic Work Diary

Experience a more effective fatigue management solution.


Camera solutions to enhance safety and accountability.