Next Gen Telematics and AI that goes beyond just tracking and reporting.

We’re proud of how we’re known for pushing the envelope of new ways to support businesses, governments and industries with so much more than just tracking and reporting.

A lot has changed in the 38 years that we’ve been keeping the things that matter most to people, Always Visible. So in this exciting era of AI and data Insights, we’re not waiting to see what’s next for our customers, we’re working on it all the time. At Ctrack, our focus is firmly on the future; predicting it before it happens, to be exact.

We know that running a business is no walk in the park, especially when it comes to managing your assets. Our track record echoes this understanding, as we’ve helped numerous businesses, from small ventures to industry giants like Discovery, Standard Bank, and Scania trucks, simplify their complex operations.

Today, our flexible solution is trusted by global fleets and big corporations across Africa.

With Crystal insights become foresight to plan ahead and control what is important for you.

And we do not just mean tracking your trucks, cars and assets but predicting your people’s behaviours too for safer environments, increased performance and reduced overall costs.

Reduce risk and minimize safety hazards

Optimize fleet productivity and efficiency

Improve asset management and tracking

Manage and improve driver behaviour

Automate and Streamline Compliance

The Power to Predict

CRYSTAL, Powered by Ctrack

Everything you need in one platform. And easy to use.

Crystal is a platform, super easy to use and accessible from anywhere, on any device at any time. Everything you’ve come to know and trust from Ctrack is now available in one place. Add cutting edge Telematics and AI functionality for a business intelligence tool that ditches simple reporting, for accurate and truly powerful prediction. It’s totally customizable so that you have sight of everything, or the only thing that’s important to you. Any industry, any asset, any size fleet – The Power To Predict is here.


Your all-in-one fleet management solution.

Planning and reporting is so yesterday, so Crystal doesn’t just join the dots, it helps you to plan ahead of time, to predict what your dots are going to do next. See critical info in real time and act before you are forced to react. Use the Power to Predict in your business to pick up slack, plan better routes, take the stress out of maintenance planning and reduce overall costs.

Your unique business. Your unique requirement.

No two businesses are the same, and what’s important to a farmer in agriculture might be of no help at all to a logistics manager in the mining sector. Which is why we offer a single solution that is fully modular and scalable to suit your individual needs so that you can expand on whatever you like, whenever you like, or scale it down with minimal fuss, if anything in your business changes.


Transport & logistics

Mining & heavy equipment


Government & local authorities

Small to medium businesses


Speak to one of our specialist today and optimize your business with the power to predict.